Character contest

Anyone who can make my characters I’ll give a special mention to in my book they star in.

Character 1: Rad
Rad is red-headed, with a long braid all down his back and halfway down his legs. The rest of his hair is short except where it covers his left eye. He has three scars across his nose over his left eye. He is pale, wears a riding jumpsuit that is black and is somewhat quiet.

Character 2: Nirvana
Nirvana is blonde haired and brown eyed. She is slim, willowy, curvy but not ridiculously so. She wears clothes that are fashionable but also comfortable. She shows off her cleavage but not too much, and she wears short shorts and skirts but also a slip underneath them. Her skin is pale but slightly tanned, more than Rad’s anyway. She is bright and full of laughter.

would be better with sketches

I tell you what, how about you show real sportsmanship and you write a story for free for all our artists about the characters they have in mind, and we will make mention of your name if we get it published?

Read the guidelines before posting for free work to be done for you you lazy git! :mad::mad::mad:

I wasn’t going to put the work in my book, I was just wanting it for fun!

I’m sorry, I didn’t have any money to put up, the mention in their book was the prize cause I couldn’t… get any money to put up.

You think so? Really? I just wanted the 3D models for fun, I figured that was what this site was about, but I was wrong wasn’t I? So sorry, ignore this contest, I’ll try to take it down in the next few days.

No this seems like a vanity project. Typically everyone here likes to have more artistic creativity than the guidelines you posted, look at the broadness of other contests. e.g. dinosaurs Also if you really do want someone to model something give us more information on your book and what it is about. Personally I have to feel connected to what I am making. And although you got some troll comments vllano was right, sketches are probably a better idea than 3d models.

So…this isn’t actually a character contest?

not for money

Okay, sorry. I’m new and stuff.