character control

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Hi, I’m new to the forum.I can’t figure out how to control my character all that well.I can make it move up,down,left,right.The problem is thats all it does.I want to make it move in a 360 degree angle.Thanks for the help in advance.

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I uploaded the *.blend file for ya. Take a peek at it! When you’ve
opened it go under the ‘realtime buttons’ (F8).
Then you see how the thing is done. (You can edit this *.blend file
too if you want.) Now I have 'appl(y)'ied ‘all’ ‘the frames’ udner ‘Tools’.
Then there are 2 scripts there too and if you wonder how two object
infos are under F8 then it’s easy. Select the two objects you want
and apply all the Sel’s Act’s and Link’s under F8.

Now I have done a animation:
First frame I Pressed i>Rot when the camera was 0°(viewing the sky)
Second frame I selected frame nr.100 and 90° (center view)
Third was 180° and frame nr.200 (viewing floor, down view)
I think the rest you can figure out yourself.

      Here it is: [Blend file](

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Thanks for the help.I’m gonna try it out and see if i can get it too work.If i do i have alot more questions. :smiley:

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If my last thing wont work I can explain it to you again…

Now what are the questions…

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Ok,I cant seem to get it too work.I’m pretty new to the game engine.This is about all i can do in game blender.Control the object up,down,left,right.thats all it does I cant point the "head"to any direction i desire.As you can tell i dont know much about the engine. :frowning: But if you dont mind can you explain more how you control the object?

does any of this make sense?

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I cant do nothing with the camera it follows,but its stiff.You know it cant turn just like my character:)

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I will continue tomorrow, I’m ill!

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ok. Thanks for the help

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Oh, and get some rest.

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:-? I didnt mean your camera is stiff.I just need help with my character control. :-? Sorry for any confusions im bringing you.

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Armatures? Animations?

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Hmm… I have a half tutorial, here are the most important things…
The other things you can do as my *.blend file had…

Ok, let’s start from a scratch.

  1. Add>Empty
  2. Press ‘F8’ and Rename Empty to ‘YMoveParent’.
    3)Make it an ‘Actor’ then press ‘Dynamic’ and then check if the size
    is 1.000 …
  3. Now add a Camera.
  4. Now it is very important that you do this right. Move the camera
    as high it was in my *.blend file.
  5. Now you have to make the camera animation, Press ‘NumPad3’
    and Rotate the Camera -90.00, then press ‘I’>‘Rot’.
    Now go on the frame 100(Press ‘UpArrow’ 10 times and ‘LeftArrow’ 1 times) and Rotate camera 90.00, then press ‘I’>‘Rot’.
    Now go on the frame 200(Press ‘UpArrow’ 10 times).
    Rotate Camera 90.00 again and Press ‘I’>‘Rot’.
  6. If this is done then Select ‘Camera’ hold ‘Shift’ and Click on the YMoveParent & Press Ctrl+P.
  7. Now ‘Append’(Shift+F1)‘Texts’ from my *.blend (HorizontalMove and
    9)Select Camera & YMoveParent and press F8. Apply Sel, Sel, Link and
  8. Now press Sensors>Camera>add>Mouse>Movement,
    Controllers>Camera>Python>Script:HorizontalMove, then join them.
    Actuators>YMoveParent>Motion>Name it ‘Left’>