Character controls

I am having trouble with my character where when I jump I can also walk forward through the air without gravity pulling me down in the process. I was wondering if I have to use states to fix the problem or do I need to change how I am doing gravity.

Hi, and welcome here.

  • use states for jumping
  • use servo motion

Sounds like you’re using Linear Velocity.

Linear Velocity tends to do some funky things, including nearly destroying the effects of gravity when your character is moving. The best thing would be to use force and the servo controls the lad above me speaks of.

Thank you both for your help!

If you wish to keep using LinV, then try making it local.(click the L button)

If you wish to keep using LinV, then try making it local.(click the L button)

I don’t think so, Minifig (“legoman?”).
The best is to use Linv with servo control and click the"Set limit to force along the Z axis" button.
Making it local/global is not related to gravity issue.

Oops, sorry.
I was thinking of something else…

Servo is the way to go!

I have another question regarding collision problems on boxes that are the parent of an armature. When I just used the armature for collision the character could walk over a curb but now that I use the box for collision it wont make it over. Do I need to make a invisible plane and us that for collision or is there something else I can do.

Maybe the radius is too little.
But you should instead be sure that your collision box’s bounds are set to “box”.

If you are pushing a box into a curb, it isn’t going to just hop over.
You could add an invisible plane that acts as a ramp, or just have the character jump.