Character Creation Progress (WIP) (Feedback is welcome)

Currently, I am working on a character that is to be used in a game engine. It is a bit early to tell the style of the engine or any of the limits, but I would like to start on it soon so we can have some working assets when we get a dev team.

I thought I would log my progress here, so I can gain advice, comments, and constructive criticism to help me along. This is my first time doing something in this style, so please help me out! Critique, comments, feedback, tips, and advice are always welcome and encouraged. I am not a beginner at the tools, software, and shortcuts, but I am a beginner at the art and stylization itself.

The first characters are Lares, which are very similar in appearance to gnomes or dwarves. Their colors are composed of light oranges, dark blues, and light browns.

I decided to take it down a step, and go low poly. This has many advantages over my previous sculpting attempts. They will render faster in a game engine, they will be much easier to deform and texture, and I think it matches the concept art very well! I took most of my inspiration from these low poly pokemon that are often used for 3d printing tests:



I created some simple vertex colors to help visually separate the parts and preview the colors. Later, I will want to use textures, but this works for the current stage.

All of the clothing is one object, and the head is separate for now, but likely will be unioned in the end. In previous drafts, I tried creating a body and adding clothing on top, but this did not work well as the character seems defined by the shape of the clothing itself. In the end, I decided to take more of a poly modeling approach, and build the character out of the clothing itself.

Another thing to consider is the topology. I honestly don’t know what is optimal in this situation. Do I want to keep everything tris so they render in the engine properly? Or should I use quads so they deform well? Will n-gons be tolerated? Is a mix okay? Please help me out with this! Thanks!

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