Character customization - Slide Button has been added

Hello everyone
I made a little module for begginers change the properties of any object, add buttons, texts, etc.
This is very easy, and i made it for a small system of character customization
See the vídeo and tell me if you’re liked it =)
The .blend and modulo, coming soon :slight_smile:

Images :

what this would be useful for is making a entire race like in spore and it could be used to customize anything that race has.Like for instance their cars,airplanes and spaceships.

oh yes bro. Now we can change the colors and attributes of any object with this module.
I’m making it now.
See the slide bar, has been added :

Thanks for watch

Although I made my own system, this looks really good!

Most simpatic cube guy I ever saw!

@Rubbernuke, thanks, man
@leonnn, Thanks ><
Hello everyone !
A little update, show the change of parts and color of the car


Nice work,it looks really nice also I love these bright colors :slight_smile:

Very nice indeed! Are you making a racing game with this?