Character customization

I have searched far and wide for a tutorial or ideas for making custom avatars for the Blender Game engine. So far I have seen nothing.

My goal is to make a multiplayer game where there is at least a minimum of character customization. Nothing fancy, just something to differentiate one person from another. I would like to keep customization within the character’s mesh, to keep from using to many objects/polygons.



I have a demo floating around these forums…

EDIT:: I think this is the right file. Just click on the arrows to remove the skirt.


clothedjedi.blend (315 KB)

Oh, that is really great! Very good modeling and buttons. But what I really meant was changing the actual UV texture image, as when you change a jpg file in the UV editor. I would like for a player to be able to choose his face’s UV texture, without changing the mesh. Also, it would be cool if you could keep the base skin (as when the character is naked) and put alphas on top of some sections. I know this can be done, but I haven’t figured out how to do it, despite trying one or two tutorials.

thanks for the model!

You can use replace mesh with two identical meshes in different layers, if not using GLSL…
But for some people it works, for some it doesn’t
If you don’t know what is GLSL, you’re not using it :wink:

Yeah, I have no idea what GLSL is. Probably another of those apps that run on faith lol. I guess I’ll stick to the basics for now.


Just don’t say you made that model… that is a jedi that WILL be used in my game… well… an old project my bro is basically taking over.

haha! Never crossed my mind. I’m an artist, so I like creating all my own stuff. For now I think I’ll drop the whole ‘making a game’ business and focus on modeling. There are just way to many things I don’t understand about blender.

Anyone else has any suggestions for character customization? I think I might go with extra objects, as changing mesh textures seems a bit more complicated. Maybe ad belts, capes, hat/helm and one or two extra accessories. All very low poly.

Do what I did in my demo…

yeah, something like that. But i have to figure out how to change the character’s face texture.