Character: Dark Elf (new test with background on last page)

I took the mesh of the head I made a long ago and deceided to retouch it a little, impove the ears and so on, and ended up with an orc that I am going to continue making.

C&C very welcome.



you told me to reply so i did

Sorry to ask a dumb question, but what is with the strange lines going down from the eyelid and around the face and on the neck?
Is that intended?


lol yes, it’s supposed to be some kind of scars. :stuck_out_tongue:


Very nice head, I’m still lightyears away from making that! :o
It’s a bit too human for an orc, tho. I would suggest you size up the eyes, I think it would look a lot more orcish.

Nice. But I think you should make the nose bigger. He has something aristocratic on him, doesn’t fit with orc.
The neck is much to thin in side view.

Yes. He does has something aristocratic, and thus I think I will continue making him, but no as an orc, as some sort of dark elv. Here is a small update, I will start surfacing him in max and zbrush tonight.


Wow, he must’ve been is some pretty big battle to get scarred like that. :o

Yes, maybe some middle-earth battle? :smiley:

Anyway, can anyone give me any constructive critism? Like what should I add/remove and so on. Thanks a lot. :slight_smile:


An orc HAS to have spikes, out of its shoulders, back, and head (maybe legs too)

[EDIT] A DARK ELF HAS to have spikes, out of its shoulders, back, and head (maybe legs too)[/EDIT]

It’s not an orc, Apple… :wink:


Looking pretty good. My only crit is that the scars flow too nicely with the face. I know this is easier to do because you can just use loop cut to make them but it just doesn’t seem quite right. They look especially bad from the side view. Otherwise I like it.

Nice work :slight_smile: You might want to add in the creases that come from the corner of the nose to the corner of the mouth, maybe furrow his brow it a bit more (it flows into the forhead a little too smoothly IMO) and add some creaes to his forhead and brow to give some more detail. I also agree that having the scars not flow with the face would help (could be down with the texturing though).

Looking forward to seeing this textured and with a body :slight_smile:

Thanks for your comments. I am planning to start on making uv textures very soon. Here is another slight update. And about the scars on cheeks, I wanted them to look that way, like some kind of a warrior mark.


Nice work. Thou I think the scars on his cheeks and neck are a bit to symetrical.

maybe the scars need to be thicker something… a first glance they seem like errors made in the model… Not really sure what it is but they do not like right as there are, to me anyway. :slight_smile:

On the neck it is supposed to be viens. And yes, I will do something with the scars. And i wanted to make them more symertrical because as I said I wnated at first to make there some warrior marks, but it turned out into those scars.


I slighly pushed the scars inwards, but left those viens on the neck.


They look more like skin folds than scares. I guess when you texure it they will look more like scars.
Great other than that though

Another update,