Character Design and Animation

I’d very much like some criticism on this little character I have modeled. He is just a fun little character that has this cute/bad ass kind of feel. :] He’s supposed to look sort of primitive shaped and sort of flimsy in some areas. I’m working on some textures, but he will be pretty plain looking like the renders.

Here’s a single frame render:

A test animation render in blender:

Please let me know what you think. :smiley:

Looks good so far. I think the head needs more polygons to be smoother and to match the smoothness of the body. I also think that the animation needs to be longer to get a better idea of your skills and what the character can do.

I love it, i bet the textures will make it an even cooler little mean robot!

Nice idea, you should set it smooth,or maybe use SS and crease the edges you want to look harder, to give it a softer look. Also in this type of models, I think proper texturing is what makes the difference :slight_smile: