Character Design: Dragon Girl

Hey all!

I’m working on this character and I would like the opinion of all you highly seasoned artists. I’m going for a water dragon, human hybrid. I tried this before (with intentions to sell, I’m a poor college student lol), but she’s not selling very well on turbosquid and Unity rejected her for being too simple and for some of my design choices. I just want to know if you guys think I’m headed in the right direction. Thanks everyone!

Old character:

New character:

It’s a lot more detailed in comparison to the other image. But for some reason, it looks little mermaid-ish. Try going to Pintrest or Art Station for some inspiration. You have to try and “push the envelope”.

It’s the background, I think. Or maybe the ‘fins’ on the legs. Anyways, looks pretty nice.

However… the elbow is a bit flat, and it looks like you have four rows of abdominal muscles?

Wow, thanks so much for the quick reply! I agree with you, she isn’t screaming dragon to me either… What do you think if I form the legs to that of the back leg of a dragon, almost like a dog’s and then make the feet dragony?

That could work! Keep in mind that you will also have to choose to either create the scales on the body itself or to create a bump map for the body and UV texture it.

Yes, she does have four rows of abdominal muscles, an 8-pack :slight_smile: is this not correct? Thank you for replying :slight_smile:

I was planning on doing retopo, so the detail would be in a normal map anyway… As for getting it on this high poly model, do you recommend any good techniques for doing scales? I’ve used alpha brushes, but I’m poor and only have a GTX 960M. I’ve also noticed that sometimes my ram hits 90-100% usage. Any tips? Sorry for asking all these questions, it’s just nice to finally talk to a community lol

The following links could be helpful to you.

Good luck!

Ah thank you! I will be sure to update as I can!