Character design- My third character

hello, I have been building characters lately and I decided to post this for everyone to see how I am doing


Still need to rig and pose plus texture some more… any one have any kind of ideas?

I like the bright red of the concept sketch. The model looks pretty good as well although you could do a bit of tweaking on the look of the legs. Keep up the good work.

Thanks for the reply! your right i need to tweak the legs a little…

Update: I decided to try and rig him for a conversation shot and realized I ran out of time, so I through in an HDRI background cause I wanted to give you guys an update

as of right now: 1500passes in cycles

Hoping to include him in a Short animation sometime!

Update: 2/25/12

I just finished rendering him into another animation I made, so I put it all together and felt it came out pretty good!

Check it out!