Character design sites/books

Can anyone recommend any web sites or books on character design. I’m slowly getting better at building characters, but a well built, poorly designed character isn’t much good!

This is a pretty popular char modelling tutorial, based on Silo but can be adapted in Blender… and

If you mean how to select features and qualities of a character (design vs. modeling) then here are a few resources I like:

Inspired 3d Short Film Production by Cantor & Valencia

(The whole inspired series is good, but this one gave me the most bang for the buck…)

Acting for Animators by Ed Hooks

Both of these books can be found at plus from Amazon you can often preview a few pages plus the table of contents. – Often has useful tutorials.

Mike is great! we use it for teaching here at the university.
the undergrads love it.


Thanks for your replies. I should have written my post better. I did mean design rather than modelling (though my modelling can always use help).