Character design

After spending the last few months learning as much as I could about Rigging and Animation in Blender, I have finaly decided to start my animated short project. I really plan on putting as much time and focus into this project. I do have somewhat of a story for this animation but wont get into that at this time, my focus now is charatcer design. So as of today this project begins with the first character. His face is far from complete but Im done for today. So you may see many changes in him before he is finished.
Talk to you soon, Muxtun

Nice start. Cute!
Whats the animation going to be about? A story? Statement?

After a few days of trial and error, well mostly error, I have finally come up with hair that works for this guy. So here is an update, though small I can finally start moving forward again. What do you think of the hair?

the hair kinda looks like wool or something, I dunno, or very short curled hair or something. Either way it fits the character. How did you achieve this effect by the way?