Character Details

I’ve done as much as i can to try and make my character look pretty! I was wondering if anyone (with more experience in texturing than me) would like to have an attempt to add some detail to my Moogles crystal/weapon/wings or cheeks to make him look a bit better!? If so here at the links with the in-tact blend files/textures.

Here is a reference of another moogle someone has created!

The first thing I noticed is that it seems pretty flat. That might be more the lighting than the textures.

I think I agree with place57: looks more like lighting issues than texturing. If you’re not familiar with three-point lighting google it & learn about it.

As far a textures go, the other examples you give look more pink than your guy so you might look at that and also that “jewel” or whatever it is sticking out of his head may benefit from the incorporation of an emission node so it glows a bit (or you could add some compositor effects to it). Good luck & let us know how it goes!

Well here’s another render with updated lighting. What do you think?
Dunno how to go about them Gem however…any help?

He’s all shiny!:3