Character does not move with the rigged armature

I am a beginner. I have created a character but for some reason it stopped moving with the rigged armature. I really need help.

I urgently need help.

Congrats on creating your a character.

You’ve not given us much info to debug your scene here. Could you post a screenshot? Or even a .blend file?

I tried to upload the blend file but its too big to upload. So attaching a screenshot.

Is that a Rigify rig? In the panel to the right of the 3D view, You’ll find a panel with sliders for rigify…

You can use this slider to slide between IK and FK for the arms and legs. At the moment you are manipulating the FK bones, but the rig is set to IK.

I would look up what IK is, as it helps a lot with animation.

No, it’s not Rigify. I was trying to use shape keys and drivers for better deformation and then this happened.

Ah… select your mesh, go to modifiers tab, your armature mod (and the subsurf mod) are turned off in viewport with the eye icon.

That was so silly of me. Thank you so much!