Character doesn't bend correctly -- Access fixed

The fingers of this skeletal mesh lag behind the posing of its armature. If the last bone in a finger chain (IK_fingerXY) is moved, the bone does not remain in the center of the mesh.

The mesh behaves as if it were linked to two bones, instead of one. How can a section of mesh have two parents if it always follows the movement of the similarly-named bone?

The .blend file can be accessed via

I have fixed the permission problems which prevented others from accessing the .blend file.

okay, from a quick look, it appears that your problem is in the grouping. you have the entitre hand grouped to the hand bone, and the individual fingers grouped to the individual bones. this method divides the influence of the bones between the two groups. for this to work, you will get much better results linking each vertex to only one bone. as an example, all of the vertexes for the last pinky bone, should be applied to the finger53 bone only. only the hand bones would be applied to the hand bone, etcetera.

you also have something really weird going on with your modeling. WAY too many vertices. i am guessing that this is an imported model, that has been triangulated in the process? every face seems to have been triangulated into four faces, rather than the standard two triangles, which could be cleaned up by making them quads. all this excess geometry will really slow things down, and probably cause rendering errors.

jim ww

After modifying my model as suggested above, posing the fingers works exactly as expected! Thank you jim ww!!!

The later comments about the complexity of my mesh are still being digested, as their meaning is above me at the moment.

Thank you,