Character doesnt stop jumping while in game

Hey guys, me again. Now, I wanted to test out a few things about my game so I made another blend file. I placed a plane and exported my character model (which worked fine on my other map) but when I place him in this one he just doesnt stop jumping as soon as he touches the ground.

Is there some physics thing here im missing? Thanks in advance.

Set the plane to a cube physics bound,

Also you have a mesh(no collision) parented to a armature(no collision) parented to a physics object(dynamic or?) That has a cube physics bound?

Im sorry, but I dont understand that completely.

I have a camera atached to a cube with dynamics physics, that has worked alright so far.


test_01.blend (565 KB)

select the plane,

go to physics,

set physics bound to cube.

end. :smiley:

Thanks man, youre a lifesaver.