Character exercise #1

A (kinda) quick character sculpt I made during the past week. I wanted to give a try to a couple of techniques i hadn’t applied in a while. Feel free to criticize it as much as you want. I’m planning to do a couple more, so every bit of information is useful. Thanks! Lucas.

Added a quick process walkthrough:

Cool character !
The bulges between the two eyebrowns don’t seem very natural thought. And as he is an old man he could have more wrinkles, the ones you did on the forhead are barely visible on the textured version. But as it is a cartoonish character, it’s at your own jugment !

Thanks a lot Itza, you are right, the eyebrows do look strange in that area. Adding some more wrinkles would have been a great detail too, thanks again for taking the time to comment.

You could use a little bit of SSS to soften the textures a little bit…