Character Experiments


i’m working on a character (initially for this weekends challenge).
i’m still pretty new to 3d and blender and this is the first time i’m doing a WIP-thread to keep myself on track.
I would be more than glad if someone could provide some input!

First, i did a rough sketch

For the modeling i decided not to extrude the limbs from the torso, but to add circles at the joints, modify them and then connect the dots, following roghly the muscle structure (as this will still be a pretty stylized character.

this is supposed to be the upper leg:

some arm and shoulder topo

anyway, to be continued
any thoughts are appreciated

this is the first time i’ve added an edge loop to an face-loop, which was going through itself.
wierd thing is depending on which face of the exact same faceloop i place the new edgeloop i get a triangulation with one end terminationg in the other…

or the desired “crossover”…

how about that?

also did some more work on the rest: hands, face etc…

Personally i’ve never modelled a human before but from what I’ve seen and read I think your topology looks quite bad in some areas. Blender cookie are currently doing a tutorial series on modelling a female body you should check it out, btw it’s NSFW [link]

Years of study and discussion have gone into human topology and the outgrowth of that is a few excellent tutorials which embody the bulk of that accumulated wisdom.

Rather than trying to reinvent the wheel from scratch, may I recommend the Joan of Arc tutorial. as a first lesson. I believe an appropriate search of Google would probably get you to that tutorial.

If you can still find it, the Torq face tutorial is (IMHO) one of the best ways to create a basic face ever written.

Although it might seem too time consuming to study when you want to be modeling, I believe you will find that some study will get you onto the fast track in creating figures whether they are cartoony or real-life figures.

@Chuk-Chuk, bobg: Thanks for your commments, although i find them rather discouraging. I know about the tutorials you mentioned (except for the torq face) and i’ve followed some in the pastr three month.
I don’t want to suggests that you are wrong or that i’m beyond these tutorials but it would be awesome if you could point out the biggest problems you find in my mesh rather then pointing me to tutorials.
Anyways. thanks for bothering to read this and answering.

Meanwhile i stiched together the face and reworked the shoulders.

Fair enough. Unfortunatly as i have not done any organic modelling i’m limited as to what i can say. Also could you provide close ups of the hands face and feet.

the face: (please ignore the ears, they will be pretty much covered up by hair and i will keep them super simplistic)

i modeled the hands seperately and the area where hand and arm are stitched together i will probably have to hide better, too
the feet are actually more simplistic shoes, but i would be more interested - again - in opinions about the knee and upper leg area.

thank you for bearing with me

I like the style, and its looking good, but the ears might need some help. They’re looking a bit like “Mr Potatohead” ears. (stuck on)

to have at least something to show in time for the weekend challenge i made him for, i put together a simple scene, rigged him with blenrig (awesome!) and posed him.

he still badly needs some shapekeys for facial expressions. i might go ahead and do them now.
@spindlerift: as i said, the ears i will leave like that. you are absolutely right, though. also, thanks for replying.