Character falling into The ground

So, I’ve been trying to learn something about the Blender Engine and was just about to finish a very simple game with walking character. The problem is that the guy is falling into the ground just when I start the game. The bounding boxes seem fine for me and that’s why I’m asking for help. Here’s the screen:

And the *.blend file in the attachments. Thanks in advance!


example.blend (728 KB)

it can be solved by using a bounding box.

make a cube place it around you character, set the cube as character type, and select bounding box type box.
now select your mesh and armature set is on no collision and remove the bounding box from them so they can not collide.

the only thing to do now is: select you armature and parent it to the cube, place your movement actions on that cube. and it should work.

I tried what you told me but still the bounding cube doesn’t stop on the ground while falling :confused:

it works, btw i didnt move the bricks.

example (1).blend (743 KB)

Turn on physics visualization and you’ll see what the size and shape your collision mesh has. In my experience the character physics type doesn’t really support other than sphere so that all features would work.

Sorry for bothering you cotax and Kheetor, both of your advices eventually worked out very well. I’m just total newibe to Blender Engine.