Character flipping and scaling when applying rig


When I apply my rig to the model the whole thing scales and flips. As a test I applied the rig to another model and everything worked fine, so something’s up with the model itself and I can’t figure out what.

Before applying rig:

After applying rig:


Here’s the blender file:

Generic Man.blend (1.19 MB)

Thanks a lot!


Select the armature in Object Mode. CTRL A Apply Scale. Select your mesh, ALT G to clear it’s location. (It’s moved slightly in x.)

Select the mesh, then the armature, CTRL P, Automatic Weights.

I see a few bones that could be aligned a bit better. The base bone, (often called a root or main bone) could be aligned with the world axes. Also the pole targets should be aligned in this way. The arm pole targets would work better behind the arm. Parenting the pole targets to the foot control can help.

Hope that helps.

Good luck!