Character follow ground...

Hello! I made a character and I wanna make him follow the ground. I tried a Constraint and it works but not so smoothly…

Is there any better way to do that??

Does anyone know the Little Big Planet game ? (I want my character to follow the ground just like that) :spin:

Pleeseee HELP MEE !! :eek:

No I don’t. Could you explain what you mean by “follow the ground” a bit more clearly please?

sure! I mean to rotate the player as the normals of the ground :

If the image doesn’t show up, just click on it…

Aha! I just about learned how to do some python rayCasting and I think I have a solution for you.

Here’s a blend with the setup, I did it spontaneously so it might have a few weird things in it, but I hope it helps! :cool:

<a class='attachment' href='/uploads/default/original/3X/a/d/ad4019fb49df7611d9e1afe8d4a567449b5e64be.blend'>rayCastTest.blend</a> (1.45 MB)

Chr_Stick2Ground_01.blend (280 KB)
Blender 2.57
Here’s something I set up with just logic bricks.
If you want an explanation of what I did in there… let me know.
Hope it helps.
P.S. just use D key and A key to move the box… and watch it rotate to normals.

Thank you soooo much !! Both of you!! I really appreciate your help ! I’m just right now seeing in your blends…

You have checked ‘rotate to normal’ in the material physics section? This approach involves no logic or python. By playing with the damping setting you can tailor the effect.


align.blend (354 KB)

I think that the previous methods were better, anyway thnx!