character foot deformed

Good day blender guys, pls i need your help.

when i move the character leg in pose mode, the leg deforms. pls how do i prevent the character leg from deforming it when i move the IK-Rig at the leg. Thanks

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Looks like you have a single vertex that’s either unassigned to a vertex group or it’s assigned to a vertex group it shouldn’t be (like the root bone).

thanks Fweeb, please how do i fix this

you could weight paint the vertex and assign it to the correct bone

select the mesh and from the properties–> data panel choose the bone you want to assign the vertex to
then paint the mesh vertex in red to make the bone have a 100% influence on the vertex

Your first step is to figure out if that vertex is assigned to a bone at all… and to which bone that might be. That’s typically pretty easy to do from weight paint mode.