Character foot deforming the further you move/pose leg


So I was testing my rig out by moving the arms and legs and such, and I started moving the left leg, the foot seemed to be distorting a bit from the side and I’m not sure why this is. Here’s a clip showing:

I also noticed some black dotted lines pointing at different parts of my model and one of them is looking at the foot I’m having this problem with. What would I be able to do to remove that since I think it could be affecting it? Thanks for your time!!

I can’t really see the distortion in your video, but what you’re describing is generally from inappropriate weights on the foot. Look for weights on it to bones that are not rotating. Look at the actual weights, by selecting a vertex and looking on sidebar/item/vertex weights, because if this is happening, the problem is subtle enough that you probably wouldn’t notice it from a weight paint display of colors.

There are two different kinds of dotted black lines. One kind is a “relationship line” which indicates parenting or constraint from one thing to another. I don’t see any of these lines pointing at your foot; if you want, you can disable them on the overlays dropdown.

The other kind of dotted black line is just showing your rotation operation, so you can see what the center of rotation is.