Character for animation- mole

Hey there,

this is a mole ive been working on for a small project, however i suck at rigging and would be extremely grateful if someone would care to do a basic rig for me, nothing fancy he just needs to be able to move his arms and feet, torso to a lesser extent.

i know it sounds kind whigney but i really hate rigging,

if any kind soul out there has 20 mins for a basic rig i will marry you i swear


If you upload the blend file i will give it a go ( I havent rigged a 2D picture yet ) i bet it takes me more than 20 minutes :slight_smile:

Busy tomorrow but will check your thread for the file when I get back


Thanks a heap,

sorry for the late upload internet was down for a few days.

heres the link to the blend file

id appreciate it if you could rig it as soon as possible im on a deadline,

thanks once again

Hi your rigs ready :smiley: have fun with it, heres the link

I named it clearly so you know you got the right file.