Character for Animation

This is Joe, he is a costar of a short film I’m working on this summer. I finished him yesturday after a few weeks of work. Feed back would be much appreciated so I can fix any problems before I start animating.

ps, he suposed to be cartoony, I wasn’t aiming for realism.

nice character! Is that particle hair?

thanks, yea I used particles for the hair.

The materials seem kind of weak, especially the pants. The lighting kind of ruins the mood.

Here’s an update on the progress of the film, this is the second main character for the film.

Lighting can really help the overall quality of the models here, and bring out
the details. Try having a look at AO (ambient occlusion). It’ll be a good starting
point for more realistic lighting.

Hope it’s usefull…
//The M.h.p.e.