character for animation

i am making this guy for a animation,so are the edge loops good enough or are they crap and what is a good way to start making the legs?


You just have to check for 5-points (poles)… 5-point occurs in your mesh when you have 5 edges converging into one vertex. 5-point can cause problems during animation/deformation, causing creases where you don’t want it. with this reason, it is a good idea to tweak/push the 5-points to area where there is no or less deformation to occur.

nice try…you really should make his horny bits (!) part of the head and not seperate. otherwise, you will run into problems later when animating.

i made they horns separet but then i join both meshes together,and does anyone know how i should go about making the legs?

blutack maybe?

sorry…ill be more helpful. try right down the bottom of this page.

thanks for the link will the horns be ok the way they are for animation

i really would make them part of the main mesh. less chance of them doing strange things after skinning, they will also look part of the model. at the moment they look stuck on will always look stuck on, no matter how hard you try.

look at cows and deer and yaks…see how the skin actually rides up the horn a little way and forms a ring around…this makes it look much better - part of its head not an addition.

i have given up for the time being on the leg and are trying the arms i can get a fairly decent shape for them but they always look to long so does anyone know a good way to tell how long they should be or do you know of nay ref pics?

this is a very small up date i have been mostly trying to get the legs and arms good but they didn’t turn out so good.but what i was wondering is the body to short and are the edge loops good on the body,i have added a belly button to him and tweaked the nipples and i tweaked the abs a little.


i have started on the arms this one is the best i have got so far,any crit would be good


i finished the arm i just need to make the hands,i think the arms look ok but they just don’t feel right but theu don’t have to look perfect becuase they will be covered with cloth but any crit on them would be nice


hmm the arms look ok but the wrists seem a bit too small the arms may also be too short but i can tell very well