Character for animation

Hi guys,
This is a character I made for a short film I’m working on (if it ever gets finished :stuck_out_tongue: )
It needs to be quite light to render, but I’m more interested in what you think about the style and feel of the character.

And is the gender and age obvious?

many thanks


I’m guessing 18-21 male with a skater feel to him?

spot on! that’s very reassuring :smiley:

Any crits?

awesome :smiley: and since your character has no teeth, no tongue, no irises, etc. I’m assuming you’re going for a more cartoonish character, not as much realism. Because of that I would make the skin smoother to go more for that cartoony feel to it. Of course you don’t have to do that, it’s your project :slight_smile: but it’s what I would do.

Looking great btw, that’s the only thing I found to critique on :slight_smile:

Agree with missmajor about the skin, but otherwise the model seems to have very much the character you are going for:)

Nice job!! You’ve portrayed a twenty-something ‘extreme sport’ player, just off his board. heh. As others have mentioned, it’s on the ‘cartoon’ side of ‘real or cartoon’, but it is as well-done as many of the professional animation studios’ characters in their movies.

The skin is actually pretty smooth, it just looks rough because I displaced it and added some dirt to it to make it (hopefully) look slightly painted / artistic in the compositor. feel free to crit that as well.
Thanks for your feedback, I’ll post soon once I’ve sorted out the eyelids and corrected the face rig :smiley:

I don’t want to seem like I’m trolling here. But he has a creepy, puppet feel to him. Try making his smile seem more genuine. Give him some high cheekbones.

ahh, I had moved his cheeckbones up, but he has quite big cartoony eyes, so you wouldn’t have been able to tell. This is him with eyelids now, and a blank expression for comparison:

Thanks everyone.
(still no luck with the image uploader :stuck_out_tongue: btw - kind mod corrected it for me last time)