Character for December 10 Second Club

Hello Again.

For my first 10 second club entry last month, I used blendo and susanne.

This time, I decided that it would be good to model my own character. This is my first
model of a human form, and my first completed head.

I am aiming for a stylized old man. Scrawny, yet flabby.

Let me know what you all think. I’ll be rigging him soon, so expect some updates
with some poses, and probably some WIPs for the animation this month.

it’s othewise good, but the chin area isn’t really correct :slight_smile:
on side view, if you look at the area under the ear. there is big hole. throat shold start sooner… this is hard to explain… but. well, it looks weird.

did you model the ear?
it looks very detailed compared to the rest of the model…


Yes, I modelled the ear. It was made for a different project, however.
(the attempt to model your friend’s head project everyone tries) :slight_smile:

As for the neck/chin area, I had thought a bit about the setup. I am not quite looking for
a cartoony feel… just a bit stylized. So here’s the change. Whaddya Think?

definetely better!
not a reptile like anymore :slight_smile: