Character for my first animated short film

Here is the star of my first animated short, I have been struggleing to rig him for a few days and finnaly got it prety much done, except the usual problem areas around the elbow aand hips. I will set some shape keys up to fix those, but I thought I would try out the rig, so here is a sample pose and a un posed image

I really didnt spend any time on lights and what not, just wanted to see the deformations, and easy of use of the rig,
Thanks for any C&C!!



wow - really nice guy. (model + sculpture)…am looking forward to see the animation. Maybe I would add some constaints on the wrist? (on the first picture the left one)…but great work !!!

I was going to mention the hand was a bit hard to deal with and that I need to make it a bit more user friendly, but I didnt think you guys wanted to hear it :smiley:
But thnk you, and I will take your advice

His torso looks blocky, doesn’t match the nicely rounded and modeled legs, arms and head. He needs a bit of anatomy under that t-shirt: pecs and lats ought to do it.

Well you are right, he does need some more detail,
I did give him some nice pecs (the lighting blows out alot of shadows)
but He is just a little boy, I forgot to mention that, maybe around 14 or 15 years old, so ididnt want a mans physich if ya know what I mean,
Thanks for the comments

in the first picture his left hand twists kinda sttrangely at the wrist. If you look at your hand while turning it you’ll see that it actually turns at the elbow, not the wrist. But other than that, it looks pretty good

That is a good piont, I will correct, that, Last night I created all my facial deformatios and drivers for them, so now I can start to work on the deromations at the wrist and elbow areas, but I hadnt thout about the rotation of the wrist at the elbow, I will implement that in the rig, thanks alot!!!