Character for untitled project

It’s the almost finished character for a work I hope to be able to show soon.
I’d like to get as much comments as I can at this stage before moving on, specially on textures.

If the images are too large and bothers, please say so and I’ll just add links to them

Here are some WIP renders:

Now, once i finished the model, I unwrapped it like this:

I’ve never done any skin texture before, not to think for an imaginary un-human character. I made a multi-layered SSS shader for him though.
Main aspect is that I tried doing a SSS map, which I think worked pretty good, but I’d like to know from someone who has done it before, if the map is properly painted.
I added it as a UV texture to the Fac value between the Epidermis and Dermis.
SSS Map (1024x1024)

Here’s a chronological breakdown of the progress on his shader and texture:
The first one was the first SSS shader, with a yellow light.
Got rid of the yellow light.
Second one was the second shader, with a higher ‘front’ SSS value for epidermis and dermis.
Third one was with the first texture attempt --> Too blue.
Fourth one with the new texture, which I like.
Fifth one: ^With the SSS map on.