Character: Girl in dress

Hello all, I’m fairly new here so this is my hello to you all.

I’ve been interested in Blender for ages and really like the stuff that’s been added in the last few releases. I used max at uni, but I didn’t like having to use an illegal copy, plus, I’ve found out, that I just like blender alot more.

Briefly, what I used:
Blender internal renderer; no nodes used(although they look great); new hair rendering; mostly lit using traditional lighting, but with ambient occlusion set to subtract mode to help with showing up the detail. Texture in the gimp.

I’d love to answer any questions anyone has about the images. I’m also interested in any ideas or suggestions anyone has, the more outlandish the better. No promises to follow up on any of them ofcourse ;).

Here’re the pics:

On the left with ambient occlusion and on the right without.


styley… neat… keep going :smiley:

the face and feet modeling have a great style,
the dress is also very orginal.

only crit would be the hair, it seems thin on the side, slight bald patch, i like my women like this, its just i fear most men wont, haha just kidding. i think if it were fuller all around as it is in the front and back it would look best. but hair is very tricky.

it is great to see new style in these fourms, hope to see more!

how did you get the hair to go in different directions?

Thanks for the nice comments, it’s good motivation to do more.

Wu, I agree with you about the hair on the side, it was the part that I thought “ah well what the hell” about. Here’s a pic of her completely bald, I recon she looks cool that way :).

Elsiekay. I duplicated a curve guide and rotated it around the head to take the hair particles in different directions. The curve guides need to have “additive” and “use max distance” enabled for the effect I got. I hope you can just about see the settings in the screen grabs. On the left, the settings for one of the curve guides and on the right for the hair particle emitter. Green are the settings I changed.

The eyebrows and eyelashes are particle hair too. It’s pretty quick really, no need to paint them or anything. Just use curve guides again to make them go nicely.

This is a fantastic modeling in the world of fantasy. Its too nice and can be use as a commercial carecter. Go ahead for the animation. I would like to see your .blend file to have a look in detail. After all this is a good job for the way of success…
See you soon

I love this model, it’s truly amazing.

Heya marlopax thanks for the comment. I was thinking of linking to the blend file but wasn’t sure if anyone would be interested. As you are, here it is: GirlinaDress_byTobyLieven.blend
I’d like to keep the character copyright, but feel free to use the topology if you’d like to model a new character from it. If you pass the original .blend on to anyone, be sure to link them back here so they know where it came from. Otherwise have fun and I hope you find it useful.

I’d love to animate her but she ain’t ready yet. If you download the blend file, you’ll find the reason she has her hands behind her back is that she hasn’t got any hands. Well, so I guess you could say she doesn’t have her hands behind her back and that’s why she’s not ready :). Ditto legs above her ankles. I was thinking that if I gave her hands, then I’d give her tentacles instead. That would be fun. Then she’d be called Alien in a Dress.

Thanks Yakyak.