Character: Gunner Girl from 'All Points Bulletin'!

hey guys!

It’s been a fair while since I’ve been able to share personal work with you all as I’ve been animating at a studio the last year which has had a NDA (non-disclosure agreement), and has taken up all my time.

But! things have finally cooled down at work and we have some time to practice, so here is a character I started a few days ago. She is based (heavily) on this piece of concept art for the upcoming game APB (All Points Bulletin).

My hope is I’ll have time to complete her model, texture, rig and do some kind of animation test (with a scene if I’m very lucky!).

I’ve gone a bit easy with details on her model, and lots of the smaller things (such as buttons on corset) I plan to turn into normal maps and textures (probably with baking) so rigging and animation will be made a lot easier. Boots and weapons are the main things left to model, they’ll be in next update!

I’m definitely looking out for feedback, especially as i get into texturing/rendering tests soon, please shout out anything you could see to improve or modify.

Great to share work with blender community again!
Peace out!


Very nice work, LohnS. Looks like some serious cloth simulation upcoming. Maybe some softbody settings on those mangos too.

I think it looks great. Some seriously good work! Couple of points:

  1. Her hair looks a little longer than your original reference, hair still looks great but just in case your looking for a very accurate match.
  2. Also where the arm meets the sweat band looks a little strange. Might just be me but on the first 2 body shots the arm seems quite wide after the elbow. Looks fine on the close up though so probably just me.

Actually I think the elbow narrows a little.

It may be a visual trick but the back of the armpits seem a bit low to me.

Otherwise a great looking model.


I have been learning blender for a couple of days now, and I have learnt most of the modelling tools.

I have been creating a human body using blocks of cubes, tweaking them to get the desired shape and then subsurfing it.

It seems like you have used a different method. Could you please go through what method you used to create that?


really nice mod, is it possible to have some wires from your base mesh, it seems to have a very good topology, I’m really interested in seeing how you’ve made it.

Wow, you are really talented, such an amazing work… Love the model of the character =)
Waiting for some updates ^^

There’s always a clear distinction between us amateurs and a pro such as yourself and it shows in this model. I too am curious about the mesh and would appreciate a wire.

Thanks for all the feedback and kind words!!

Work kept me busy but I’ve had time to work on her more. Check out attachments below of renders and wire… I’ve been working on her textures a lot of the time, which arn’t ready yet, but you’ll notice I left some normal and alpha maps in these renders.

Odeas: ah good points! I’ve worked some on the elbow, and I found that when i added my alpha hair texture it seemed to shorten the length some amount which should fix that prob =)

LoopyShane: thanks mate did some work on that, let me know if it still needs work.

Soro: Thanks mate!! I’ll keep updating whenever I get some time to work on her =)

BBL77, bobg: wires up! My ftp is broken right now so I apologize about the attachments. Since hair covers a lot of her head I’ve cheated and was lazy in some places :wink:

Texture updates within the next few days!

Peace out,


Amazing work, the character concept is very cool.
Was the hair done with a mesh or particles? And what program are you using fro textures and sculpting? :slight_smile:

your works’ awesome man^_^ cant wait to see the final output.

Great piece of artwork man,hope to see her animated soon.
Keep up the good work


wow, great work so far. You are building up a very neat model with a lot of details.

One thing i want to mention is, that your character (unlike your reference) looks pretty young and naive, maybe only 14 years old, the reference looks a bit older and more hard-boiled. I don’t know, if you want it so, or if it’s just a “mistake”. Setting it into the right light, your version would have a bit different meaning (innocent but forced to fight f.e.), but i am fine with it, when you keep the high level of skill!

so long

Great work, her neck could perhaps be slightly more slender?

I think that’s mostly due to the expression in her face and stance. That may change when she’s rigged and posed.

Very nice! I’ve been working on a character in Blender for two weeks straight now but for work so I’m still not sure if I can share the progress. I should be able to get some more personal stuff in after the pre-production workshop.

Have you actually tried simulating the cloth from a pre-folded starting mesh? I can’t see why it wouldn’t work, but I would figure the way to do it would be model the cloth like it was just fashioned together and let it fall in the same way you model a character in a neutral pose and then rig. Either way very keen to see her in motion after watching your reel. :slight_smile:

Hey guys, thanks all for the comments and support!

Attached is textured version =)

finkgab: I use mesh for my hair and an alpha texture, my method is described here… . I use Blender for sculpting and Photoshop for textures, but all the same stuff can be done in GIMP.

BenDansie: Hey mate! Hope the work is going well there! I can feel the annoyance of having to wait to show stuff due to NDA etc, hope you can share soon!!

yoff: thanks for feedback, I have played around with this, lemme know how it looks =)

About the cloth, you know I actually used that exact method!!! It took me a couple of goes to get right, but really worked so efficiently. I was initially doing it with like a tube like base model, how wrong I was. I then made a circle for the waist and extruded out from top view (a flat piece of cloth with a circular hole in it), I then subdivided a good few times and did soft selection and pushed some of the outer edges in (thus creating what would become folds, it doesnt seem like it’ll work before sim, but it does).

Bingo, I let the sim go after a few tries, baked it and did small mesh tweaks like the outward roll at the end of the skirts and push and pulled around to stop intersection (tricky, connected soft selection for the win). I did each skirt as a seperate sim with changed mesh diameter and soft selection push/pull to get longer cloth and shorter cloth to drop and fold as I wanted.

I’ll do an overview soon i reckon, its very helpful this cloth sim =)

Rigging and animation comes next!

Peace out!

ps. We’ll have to get in touch here in Adelaide soon, It’s amazing we havn’t met in person yet haha


This is remarkable!! I love everything about this! from the concept art to the finished textured model! are you going to rig her?

That looks awesome!
Very nice job, the boots and the skirt looks superb.
Blender Internal renderer?

And I’m not that into texture painting, would you mind showing the texture you used for the hair? Just to get an idea on how to paint it. (You may watermark it, shrink it, or anything you prefer if you dont want it to be used, I want to get a clearer view on how to achieve it :))

Hey all =)

Thanks again for the kind words! It’s really motivating!!!

Fish_Fly3r: Thanks!! Yep I’m currently rigging, then animation test =)

finkgab: Cheers mate! It’s all Blender internal with some slight RGB curve changes in compositor.

Attached below are the hair textures, unfortunately due to my downed ftp the attachment has converted to jpg, but they are still quite big. Also these textures are really easy to make, for the alpha I just got a photoshop brush with a few dots and went down to make strands, for the colour map I then duplicated layers, moved them slightly along and mixed with a brown background.

I UV mapped an extruded plane (completely straight at this point), so that when i curve and tweak the hair strands the hairs go form root to tip properly. As you can see the colour texture has a red streak on the right side, I just randomly selected some of the hair strands later on with ‘L’ key and sized the uv’s -1 on x axis so they mirrored to give a bit of variation. I also picked out some areas in the hair where i wanted less red, and just made a new material for those faces and used the texture without a streak

Peace out, rig snaps soon! =)