Character Head Wip, I actually need help/critic with hairs

I have been working with this head since forever and i think i am starting to push my luck with the head model. (They are some minor fixes i plan to do and add some asymetry, but i feel like learning hair better before that)

I don’t have experience about hairs. I just tried to seperate them so i can make changes without destroying all of them.
As far as i can see there are two main tecnical problems for me.
1- Weight painting has to create an empty area or it has to overlap between sections. I will try to use texture map for this if possible, i guess. Is there any other way to avoid this?
2- Hairs intertwines in some areas. I think i need to groom them more neatly to avoid this but is there an easy way to do this? I feel like there should be a better way while tediously grooming hairs…

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So you can avoid weight painting completely, and set the hair number to 0, and use the ‘Add’ brush in combing, and add individual hairs which generally will give you much finer control over your hair groups.

If you’ve not already seen it, this video is helpful.

I always felt like i should fill the whole scalp with hair. Also while i saw this video I didn’t want to use simple children setting because imo they tend to create some what apparent cylindirical hair tubes. But cheking it again the guy executes it really well.

I think i will try this method to see how it goes.

It’s the way to go I think. You pretty much need child hairs IMO - And you can tweak the settings to remove the cylindrical effect. You’ll struggle to get a convincing look I think with just settings the hair number, and combing. Blenders particle hair is quite the pain in the ass, so do whatever you can to make it easier :slight_smile:

I have started to get a hang of this. I guess, I’m in right direction. Though, this takes too much time.

I would appriciate any methods, tricks anyone uses though i’m too deep in this to start over or scrap it, but i am sure to try any good method on side or in new works.

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I think this is good enough for me, for now at least.

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use it. i create all of my haircuts with it now and if you dont want to use simple children use the other choice (forgotten the name). it is so much easier using only a few leading hairs and let the children follow. i have created bobs, several 60ties haircuts and also ponytails. it is faster in handling and much easier to control. my haircuts are in blender render because i use them for animation on a slow computer otherwise i would give you one for free.