character head wrinkles problem

Hi friends…

i’m modeling a character from 2d pictures …

i am facing wrinkles problem due to vertices are being a sides when using subsurf …

i find out to slove this problem i must give spaces between vertices or merge them down …but sometimes to keep ring loop i have to retain their position…also smoothing vertex will deform the details

is there another way or script to smooth these wrinkles

Can you post an image with your model in wireframe mode? We need to see the topology to tell what is going on. Most likely you have triangles in your mesh. Triangles don’t work well with subsurf.

sorry this is the mesh in edit mode

The unevenness of the loop separation is contributing to your “wrinkles.” Tightly -spaced loops next to widely-space loops causes issues with surface regularity that are made worse by Subsurf. Try and get more even spacing between loops, particularly those running close to horizontal in your screenshot.

Also, using box-based construction for faces tends to create hard-to-work-with surfaces because the loops, which should act somewhat like contour lines, don’t follow the curves of the form in an optimal fashion. Look around for some examples of face topology and see how the loops are fashioned more organically, such as:

it’s very tough to adjust the curves specially when you need to make smooth circles beside box modeling doesn’t help much in organic modeling

is there kind of technique i can follow in such modeling as i didn’t find any tutorial or help among that in the web

i find a plugin called vertex relax …it helps me alot…i think i can consider it as solved

it deforms the loop of mirror but it can easily restored as the mirror clipping function work

thanx to all of you guys …it was a very kindful and useful discussion

you really should change the topology around the mouth to look more like it is around the eye, with nice edge loops traversing the perimeter. an easy way to do this, if you know how to use retopo, is simply to duplicate the mesh, and using the original as a base, redo the topology of the mouth only. learning to use the retopo functions will save you huge ammounts of time, again and again, so best to learn it sooner than later.


i’ll search about it …it is very painful to work on something again and again…this was the third trial…

i know the modeling needs alot of patience … i ask god to give me more…

as i have to texture…then to rig and animation…long pathway…lol

thanx too much

once you have mastered retopo, you will have much less cause to become frustrated. modelling is so much easier with retopo. on the other hand, you should not become dependant on it, because it is important to be able to model the traditional way.

yeah thanx

i am reading about it …it’s very useful in low poly…nice

here’s a recent video tutorial

in 2.6x it’s replaced by snapping…no retopo

but it works nice

thanx modron for your help …i appreciate it too much buddy…

the link you sent gives page not found…

i got the idea from the above 2 links…

thanx too much…:wink: