Character Help Needed!

I’m working on a character for a game, and I am in need of some help as far as putting it together.

This is my character. Currently, the different parts (which would be the guns, the arms they are mounted on, and the sphere) are all separate objects connected by parenting. I want the sphere in the center to roll across the ground while the 2 guns remain pointed forward, and I believe this can be achieved by using an empty at the center of the sphere and parenting the guns to that. My main problem is that the collision bounds on all of the different objects are causing my character to go flying all over the place. I was wondering what the best way would be to put these different pieces together into a character, and also how to fix this issue with collision bounds.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, and I apologize if my explanation was extremely rambling :o

Compound Physics?
Did you consider setting the Arms and Guns to Ghost?

I suggest both Arms and maybe the Guns as well to be one Object (Dynamic, Ghost) parented to the Sphere (Rigid Body). Afterwards the Arms can be turned separately, best via Python (alignAxisToVect).

Your character should really only have one collision bounds. You don’t want each part (arms, guns, etc.) to have collisions. The setup you have now sounds fine. All you need is to make sure every part of your character except the body is set to ghost.

@C.A.ligari and Mobious:

It seems that you both recommend setting the arms and the guns to ghost. This sounds fine, but won’t that stop those objects from colliding with anything? It seems that this would cause the guns and arms to go through walls and other things, which may be a problem. Am I correct in this observation?

Also, C.A.ligari, I would like to join the guns and the arms, but the arms are using a UV texture, and the guns are using materials, and when I have tried to combine the guns and the arms before, the colors get extremely changed. Do you know how to prevent this from happening?

A fix to this would be to set it all to ghost, and then add a box around the outside of it - with everything parented to it. This would be the collision box, and you would set it to invisible.

It is hard to tell what your Texture/Color Problem is. If you are using Multitexture, then I cannot help. If it is GLSL, then I can tell that one Mesh can have several Materials and that the necessary Material is added automatically when you join Objects. Sorry if I am of such little Help on this Topic.


You’re method seems like a good one. What if I were simply to add the cube as part of my sphere body? Would that work as well?


You’re post just made me think of something. I am pretty sure that I can combine the arms and guns now. I think that all I need to do is assign the material that I am using for the guns to the vertices that make up the guns. I think that when I just join the two objects, it automatically assigns the materials to all vertices that don’t have a material (which would be the arms).

I will try out the changes everyone on this thread has suggested, and I will let you guys know how things turn out. Thanks so much for the help!