Character ideas

Here are some character ideas I have been working on for a short.

And the other one, well it was the earliest attempt to animate and awfull but I like the lighting. lol.

i like about 1 second of that, don’t know why I have it on my hard drive anymore.

As far as the characters themselves, they definitely look interesting. The one comment I have is that the woman and the guy on her left (our right) in the top two videos, their gaits seem a little long and forced. That long stride works for the two taller, skinnier characters, but for the shorter and heavier two, that gait feels forced.

Thank you for the input Grady, I can see what you mean. I will have to scale down the actual length of stride on those two characters. When I key-framed them, I went profile ortho and matched the stride length closely to the others, regardless of their heights. There definitely is something wrong with Pan Lady’s right step. I think I lost track of the lean forward motion there during keyframing and it just looks jolting. Which does lends to this off stride.

thanks for the input, I’ll keep an eye on stride differences abit more closely now!