Character Import into Scene Issue?

I have my fish all nicely done up and rigged now (Huge shout out to Aligorith for that one!). But I tried importing him into my set file, but it kinda worked. Well to put it plainly sometimes he looks okay, and I’ll move hiom and he’ll be fine, other times I’ll move him and his mouth with blow up like a bull frog. Not the most attractive thing. But it’s only that area and only sometimes when I move him around. I would post some pics, but it’s lioke midnight and I don’t have time.
If someone knows where I could host it, I could upload the .blend for you guys to take a look at.

Now to sleep, deep beutifal sleep…INSOMNIA CALLING! DOH!

(Wow I must be tired.)

I had some distortion too and a good tip has been given to me in this forum: if you have softbodies involved, check the “clear” button panel F7 besides “sofbodies” check out softbodies and than back… If it is the believed issue, the distortion will be gone.
Otherwise… ;.( sorry, can’t help more…

I don’t have any soft bodies in my model.

I payed around with a bit when I got home, and figured that it’s happening when I scaled it to fit the size of the set. I loooked under the constraint and it had a control scaling, I turned it off, the mouth part works fine now, but now his side fins stay the same size while the rest of his body shrinks when I scale him. I looked I turned off and any scalling constraits but it didn’t help. This is really frustrating, I need to get animating, if I’m going to finish it in time.

Never mind I got it figured out after an hour or two of fiddling.
The “Don’t Inheirit Scale From Parent Bone” was clicked on. Turn it off and problem solved.
I guess the mods could close this one don’t if they see fit.

Never mind again. Another problem. Now all my bones control one bone, and that bone is connected to preety much all the other bones in the mesh, sort of a secondary root bone. How do I get the bones back to controlling what they’re supposed to?

EDIT: God I feel like an idiot today. Problem solved.