Character in blender

hi guys, this is my first post on this site, I hope you like it, done in blender from the beginning, and some retouching with photoshop.

Render time:2hr 30 min. 500 samples, and rendered with cpu (my card does not support gpu :mad:). Mi pc has 6 years old

Great work! I think the skin could be aproved a little. Have you seen Kent Trammells skin in cycles tutorial on Blender cookie? I think there could he a little more gloss, not as to make him sweaty, but I just think it looks a little dry at the moment. :wink: I like the eyes a lot, I think they are very believable. I think the hair also needs to be a bit more messier. Great work though! And a Welcome to the forums! :smiley:

You shouldn’t worry about that, half of new features doesn’t support gpu anyway. Btw, is it already possible to use gpu for hair? As poor AMD user I have no idea about all this.

About character: he looks awesome, I love hair and everything, maybe except beard which is kinda fake, maybe if you could increase amount of particles or put some texture underneath.

Hey for a first post, this is totally awesome :smiley:
Really nice work ! The model and hairs are perfect to me. I agree the skin could be improved a little :slight_smile:

totally agree, I think it can be improved, I learned a lot doing this character, and faults you who have told me, I think I know how to solve them. thx

very nice sculpt. i do agree that the skin looks a little dry, but apart from that, really good work! I like his eyes a lot. Are you going to give him clothes?

Very accurate sculpt.
The shader are pretty nice but I believe you could make some enhancement on the hairs.
It needs additional hair system I believen near the ears.

Good work. Welcome to BlenderArtists :smiley:
You are certainly raising the bar for first projects in Blender… :wink:

for now the project is finished, but if in the end I buy a pc, is likely to make it completely

thanks , the battens here is very high

yeah, that´s is possible with or without gpu

Brad Pitt is definently recongnizable, but the beard hair looks waaay too thick to me.
You got the chin right, the corner of the eye too, but the mouth is not it ^^
great job though!