Character Jumps Do Not Work

So I have been attempting to create a game for a school project, and have run into a speed bump, My character doesn’t seem to work properly when I tried to implement a jump function. Below is a screen shot so that you know what I’m working with:

The light blue walls are invisible walls in game, while the white material on the ground is a Ghosted and Invisible Plane over my terrain that is intended to provide a game property that restricts my player to only jump when on the ground.
Here is a picture of the logic blocks used to attempt to create a character jump:

Any ideas or suggestions on how to fix my character jump so that it actually works properly in my game? Thank you so much for your time!

what is the mass of your dynamic character object? i don’t think a force of 10 is enough to get an object of mass 1 off the ground at standard 9.8 gravity. a single hit of about 10x that force should do it.

Gravity Is 9.8 newtons in the BGE, so 10 newtons against that leaves 0.2 newtons, or an acceleration of 0.2 ms^-2 for a 1kg object

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I have tried changing the force category from 10, to both 100 and 1000 and both yield the same result, my character just stands there and there is no indication that I ever hit the spacebar.

Have you tried attaching a different actuator to the sensors to see if they’re firing correctly? A simple way is to set a property on the character to debug, and then use a property actuator to change the value of the property if the conditions are met. Make sure “display debug properties” is enabled in the Game menu, and if the sensors are firing correctly, when your character should jump the property in the upper left corner of the screen should change. If it changes you know it’s something to do with the physics of the character or the actuator, if it doesn’t change then the sensors or the controller are probably the issue.

The force is likely not being applied for long enough

check the tap button on the keyboard input, then use the value on Linear Velocity Z:10.00. set a counter as a property for your character and add +1 to it with each jump, link an interval of 0 to 0 for that counter with the keyboard input together, so that you can just tap the key once. After landing, the value is 1, its out of the limit, so you need to reset it by giving a collition with the ground ( object with a property:ground), and assign the counter to 0 again.

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