Character keep/take weapon

First, hello everyone! Sorry if this is a duplicated post… I swear I did use the search engine before posting…

Well, this is the doubt:
I have one modeled character and it is not separated; I mean, it is one unique mesh. No problem until here. My doubt is how to make it keep and take a weapon, a sword for example, that is not part of the mesh. The sword will stay on his back until you press a key. So, the character will “take” the weapon and his actions (like walk and run) will change [because he’s carrying a weapon now]

Anybody can help me?

I have experience with blender, programming and Python, so, feel free to speak.

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Parent the sword to the armature and have it bend to a hand or weapon bone; that should make it deform with the skeleton’s motions (when the weapon bone or right hand bone rotates, the sword moves and rotates).

EDIT: Oh, and use Python to switch game logic when he picks up the sword. Use a collision sensor that deletes the collided object (sensor.getHitObject.endObject() ) and then set an object variable that will designate which animations to use (obj[‘weapon’] = “Sword”).

ok, thank you buddy!

I’ll try this and keep you informed :slight_smile:

thanks a lot

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