Character keeps dropping his sword

I made a character for a game, got the armature all rigged, modeled sword, parented it to his hand bone, tested the rigging.
It all looked great until I started the game engine at which point he promptly dropped his sword. I haven’t set any realtime options at all yet. I just wanted to see how he looked.

So what did I do wrong? Keep in mind this is my first original game and I’m running around pretty clueless.

I had a similar problem. Try assigning all vertices of the sword to a vertex group with the same name as the right hand vertex group of your character. Then parent the sword not to a single bone, but to the entire armature. That should work around the bug.

the sword has to be assigned to on bone. with vertices…
here’s an example…

arrows to move. mouse for view and leftmouse button to stab…

thanks guys!

Yeah, parenting to bones doesn’t work in gameblender.


I probably would have known that if my on order game kit book had arrived yet.

(dreamsgate wanders off muttering to herself… patience, it will all be clear in time) :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s preordered, it doesn’t come out until dec. 20th. THen they ship it.


I know, LOL, I’m just an impatient sort. I’m not complaining, just waiting!

Everytime I download this and try to run it blender says “stick2.blend is not a blender file”

Works for me!

what version of blender are you using SHABA1?

Windows blender 2.23
Windows Me
Celeron 700
64mb SDRAM

download blender publisher 2.25 from and install the key file (key.dat) in the downloads section, then try loading the blend again.

Keith. 8)