character keeps falling through landscape mesh

ok, well like the title says, when i play the game the player falls through the mesh, however ONLY on steeper parts of the mesh. how do i prevent that, ive been playing with everything i know, including the step height, bounding boxes, physics types, everything.
clearly im missing something.
heres the .blend all you have to do is hit p and walk straight forward, [WKEY] the mouselook works too if you wanna play around. but if you just walk straight and down into the river, then up the other side as it gets steeper the player just falls through. everytime.


im trying to create an open world style first person adventure game fyi


island%20idea%201.blend (28.5 KB)

i have the very same problem, but i don’t know how to fix it either, sorry!

I can’t help you much, but I have had that problem before, could you post a .zip so I will be able to open the game and give you more information.

yea, i was having problems uploading it here when i posted thankfully its working again. here is the .zip with the .blend in it
island idea (5.29 MB)

Just a guess… If the terrain is a thin box or a Convex Hull/Triangle Mesh in terms of collisions, the collision margin can be easily breached. If the player just moves too fast up against it, he/she can simply pass through it, because the physics calculation frames didn’t manage to catch the exact moment when the player would have bounced off the mesh. Like, say, in frame 1, the player is just to the right of a totally flat wall. Over the course of frames 1-2, he moves 1.0 to the left, so by frame 2 he’s on the other side of the wall, without technically having ever actually collided with it. Ya get me? If you wanna solve the problem (if this is the problem, that is) you should flesh out the terrain with solid meshes (using collision box cubes, spheres, cones, capsules, etc.) Anything but Convex or Triangle, as these will just create collision planes, thus not solid. You can also tune the physics subframes… Not sure if you can do that in Blender. Just look it up, I’m sure you’ll find something.

that sounds exactly like my problem. but i did some looking and cant seem to find anything on it, i still am not entirely sure what you mean by ‘flesh out the terrain with solid meshes’ so my searching is a bit…bad. so i dont really know what im looking for

Think of it this way. Triangle meshes are like hollow shells, while boxes, spheres, etc. are solid. Full. They register collisions INSIDE their edges, while triangle meshes/convex hulls only register collisions ON the edges. So, it might be advantageous to you to use invisible objects with these solid bounds to make the collision bounds of the map, rather than the map being the collision mesh itself (as it would be with convex/triangle meshes). Subframes are calculations of theoretical frames between frames, so as to create a more accurate physics simulation, for example. In terms of research, “subframes” would be good… You can also use a different movement setup for your character, using, say, linear velocity rather than the character-movement option or loc.

i figured it out. its under the world settings -> physics -> substeps. raise it to five and it will perform those ‘inter-frame’ calculations and prevent the mesh errors that come from convex hull/triangle mesh collision bounds