Character keeps falling through terrain

So In my map I have a large terrain that I created, and have the collision type set to triangle mesh. I also have a character with player physics and box collision bounds.(I also tested it with rigid body) The thing is, whenever I start going up a hill, I clip through my terrain. Ive tried tweaking some settings in my physics, but nothing seems to fix the problem. Does anybody have an idea of what could be causing this?

Change character to sphere, others doesn’t work as expected. And also make sure character doesn’t move to fast. Better alternate is to make charaster dynamic and use force to move it, aswell as make collision margin for it. If using dynamic, box collider should be fine.

Ah, thank you, a combination of dynamic and sphere collision saved me. But now when I stop moving, I slowly sink down for several seconds. Is there anyway to avoid this side effect?

Um… I am not pretty sure yet… Try to increase material friction of character bounds, it should help you…

ok, thanks

triangle physics mesh is not the best at the moment,

in modern versions of bullet, they decompose the mesh into many primitives or even many convex hulls, this way it knows when objects are inside a closed volume, which is impossible with the current triangle mesh,

also, there is new gpu based openCL bullet stuff that can be much more
parallel. however its not currently integrated in the bge.

Yes, convex hull is the most effecient because it makes the object volumetric physics instead of planar!:slight_smile: