Character lines

I was thinking about modeling this guy in blender, but i think something like this would be beyond my current skill level (by a lot) so i’m just gonna put up the drawing instead :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve done very little modelling (animation is my interest), but you obviously have artistic talent /ability.

Import your drawing as a background image, plop down a cube or sphere and then start pulling verts around to match your drawing, I bet you’ll do a great job !


grrrrrrrrrrrrr i dispise you know because i know after ive seeen this drawing i will allwase think to myself Y CANT I DRAW AS GOOD AS YOU!!!..

yeah, i need to get off my ass and just model stuff. i’m one of those people who will start a project and get to a certain point and lose interest all of a sudden. This image is one of the few ‘finished’ things i’ve done in the past couple years. It’s like the more i learn the less i feel like doing this stuff. It’s weird but i’m so addicted to learning stuff like this, 3d, drawing, music, etc, but i never finish anything hehe. I dunno…

Weedmonkey: Thx for hating me… wait…
“There’s only one way to get better at anything.”
Now if only i could take my own advice…

If u don’t mind i can start modeling with your drawing but still i need your assistance for my modeling on your drawing. If you agree then please sent a front view of the drawing and a brief concept of the carector.

Recently I am work for my big film and doing all the stuffs for a detail work for a big screen.
Your carector impress me thats why i wat to modeling it in my pass time…


Your just like me :smiley:

Marlopax: I’ll work up a front/side view. I dunno how accurate they’ll be to each other but i’ll give it a shot at least and try to post it up later tonight.

Penguin: Great minds think alike :stuck_out_tongue:


Here’s the front side views:

sorry the front view is kinda goofy. I’m not really certain about it overall and you can probably deviate from it quite a bit. I kindof altered his proportions as well, the super thin chest area didn’t really feel right to me. This made me realize how little i’ve drawn characters in this sort of stark face-on view, and it shows. The side view looks a lot better to me. I thought a hairless version of the head might be helpful. I also changed the character slightly in that in the original he is supposed to have kind of furry shoulders, but it reads more like the fur thing he’s wearing is on his shoulders, so i changed the cape / fur thing and shaved his shoulders.

The other accessories are probably easier to figure out. a sack with stitches and a spear / club weapon thing… hmm…

As for concept… when i drew the head it looked like some type of tribal guy to me, so i added the furry cape bit as a camoflauge from his prey and then he needed a weapon. The cape made it hard to hold arrows, so i thought the next best thing for range would be a spear he could throw at stuff and added the club bit later so the shaft didn’t just end all of a sudden. The sack to carry his stuff and his belts hold his pants up.

I guess being a tribal type guy he should have a better muscular build on him, but he looked sleeker and sneakier by being kinda thin. (that and my anatomy is not the best, hehe) I might make a second attempt over the weekend to see if i can make the front view look better. i just got frustrated after erasing half of him every 5 minutes hehe.

Oh! This is perfect for me to understand what u think of ur drawing of the leg and hand. This is what i need. And Thank u for ur PM.
Thank u


I hope you don’t mind, but I took your drawing and ran with it…

Here’s the hunter.
I like the skinny build, he’s like a cat-man, so he climbs trees, the lean and lithe look works with that kind of character. In line with that, his hands are closer in concept to his feet, three retractable claws for climbing and an opposable thumb to grasp the spear/club thingy.

Don’t mind at all. Lookin real good too. I’m always up to see how other people can take an idea and make their own interpretation of it. It’ll be awesome to see how this looks when it’s done. I’ve tried a couple times to do him up in 3d, but ususally about a half hour in or so my mesh is just all over the place.

I’m preparing to begin working on a project right now, and i’ll probably have a ton more crap to post up here in the near future.

Damn! You mean you expect me to keep working on him? :wink:
I thought it was done. Seriously though, I hadn’t planned on taking it much further, unless I need a practice mesh for working out something, like the new normal maps. At any rate, if I do any more work on him, I’ll start a thread in Work in Progress. Look for “The Hunter”.

sorry… a little off-topic:

How do you, after you been painting your drawing, and scannet it into your computer, How do you make the lines so black and strate, and good-looking???

I need to get better at blender, so, unless you really don’t want me to, Im’a try modeling him (nice drawings, BTW)

By all means, model away.

When i draw my pencils are ususally pretty rough so i ink them with a couple different sized pens. First i use a thinner one and go over the whole character picking out the lines i want to keep and then i use a slightly thicker pen to outline parts that are overlaping and thicken up the outline all the way around. Then i just erase the penciled stuff. After i scan it i bring it into gimp and adjust the levels to make the lines darker and get rid of any lighter pencil stuff i may have missed or get rid of dirt smudges and stuff. I can use it to clean up lines i screwed up when i inked too.

These i didn’t really clean up too much tho, i pretty much just scanned them and adjusted the levels and called it done. So the cleanness of the lines is really just from going over them again. Inking them like this makes cleaning up the lines a lot easier, and knowing i can fix any major screw ups makes me a lot less nervous about it than i used to be. I used to never ink anything for fear of making a mistake and ruining a drawing, but photoshop and the gimp have taken a lot of the stress out of it for me.

Sorry it took so long to reply, i just moved and haven’t had the internet for a few days :smiley: