character local rotation

how can i make my character to rotate (locally)?

I’m trying to rotate my character when it gets to a certain place, right now it only moves in the x axis,
but when i make in my script a character.applyRotation() it doesn’t make it “local”,[ i tried with the parameter local=True, (didn’t accepted it)
and just passing True as a second parameter also without result, ] i mean , if i tell it to move in the ‘x’ it moves in the same direction before the rotation. so its not facing the direction where it moves anymore.
the physics type is set to character , if i put it as Dynamic it works good but i can’t make it jump

[yes i’m new at blender] :slight_smile:

Hello. The exact syntax is:

character.applyRotation((0.1, 0, 0), True)

yes that’s what i used xD just didn’t put the 3D vector in my explanation but thanks :slight_smile: