Character: ME!

I just finished this face…it didn’t start out as me but i used me face in the mirror as part of my reference. now it has a curious resemblance --lol

check it out—

I posted it in the forum cause i don’t think i’ll get around to texturing it anytime soon… have to catch up in my algrebra. :-?

Man your ugly. :wink: (j/k)

Great model i really like it, i think maybe you should look again at the proportions and maybe make it a bit less tall and a bit more fat :slight_smile:

the shape is great, but the model needs more flow … its somehow messed … try to get edgeflows in the direction you muscles are :slight_smile:

lol I have done that many times,…I can’t seem to make anything that doesn’t in some way resemble me.

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hi…the head looks ok.but i must say quite bad edgeloops…as a matter of fact i don’t see much edgeloop here!try following the muscles and bones of the head.find some good tuts on head modelling.

I’m sorry guys about the topology… to be honest i started out good but through the modelling process i messed it up. do you think i could fix this? i may just start all over again for practice.

do you think i should try nurbs our something… does anybody know any good sites where i can get more tips?

nice. it has character. Waitin for the textured version to blow our minds :slight_smile: