Character - Mechanic "Garth Reynolds" (GameCharacter)

My new game character project… Mechanic/custodian “Garth Reynolds”

The concept:

Work Process:

(UPDATE) Finished Model:

Starting blocking out the body…

Damn i hate hand modeling :S

Looks pretty good. Keep it up.

Thank you… Started getting some topololy and detail to the face…

Almost done with the basemesh and just rounded 5k triangles… My poly budget is planned to be max 6k at final model. After finishing up modeling I go for sculpting highres for normal-bake and lastly texture drawing…

BaseMesh done @ 5.3k tris

Around 5.500 tris… Now with his normal-map applied - next stop texturing :slight_smile:

Now with textures… Some pretty ugly seams though :S