[character] Medusa

I’am just messing around … again … and here is the model I’am working on right now … its just another practise model, I don’t have any big plans with that one

Its medusa … you know that creature with snakes insted of hair … well she is bald right now but I will work on that later :slight_smile: … I would like to hear some C&Cs before I work on details … I know face isn’t very good, thats because I have started it some time ago so topology of the face is prety bad :frowning:

Ok so here it is …

/ Image removed … Update below

Cheers Slux

very decent start i tried a medussa awhile back but never got to finish

only crit is the neck on the side veiw looks off, i would push it back away from the head a little, however, the breasts look great,

keep up the nice work

Thanks for your crit :slight_smile: I have fixed that …

And now here is another update … Its still not finished but I’am working on that … Don’t worry about textures :wink: these are not final … they are there just to distinguish individual parts of the model :slight_smile: … Hope you like it, C&Cs are welcome …


  • cheers Slux

This should look quite nice animated.
Please add some more snakes to the top of her head.
I quite enjoy the way you’re going with her abdomen, although it reminds me more of an arachnid than a snake. Her ribcage is a bit funny, it needs to be wider and a little more pronounced.
If you look back to the myth, the strange part about Medusa is that she used to be amazingly beautiful, before her hubris made Aphrodite (I think) get annoyed enough to change Medusa to her current form. Therefore I’d either accentuate the ugliness of her face or make it drop-dead gorgeous.

Quite a nice model though, I’m looking forward to seeing it done.

Hi thanks for crits …
Don’t worry I’am definitely going to add more snakes, its just it takes some time to model all these snakes and thats what I have so far :slight_smile:

Well about that ribcage … I may try some changes

And I didn’t decide how I’ll texture her yet, so may be she won’t be so beautifull :slight_smile: dunno …

  • Slux

looks great. if you animate it, you might want to try using the new curve deform tool in 2.35. I was fooling with it, and i made a couple of snakes,…it works great. there is documentation of it at the main site.

I’am glad you like it :slight_smile: … I didn’t plan to animate it but its not bad idea to try that curve deform tool … I wanted to try it anyway so I quess it may be the right model for that :slight_smile: … at least I’ll give it a chance

  • Slux