Character Mesh Displacement

Hello everyone, i’m new at the forum

I need your wisdom …

the thing is I’m doing a shooter, the main character is already, weapons system too, but there is a big problem:

before closing the blender my character looks like this:

but when I close the project and open it again looks like this …

i’ve dealing with this problem since two weeks ago

please, I need your help …

this is the blend:


Maze.blend (3.55 MB)

go to Dopesheet whit the mesh that is moving away selected, now delete all keys that is saying anything about loc/rot/scale

your problem is most likly bco some position keys

…and Bdw i thing you placed this post in the wrong part of the forum, it shut most likely be in: Game Engine Support and Discussion

Ok, men…

let my try and i’ll tell u

sweet men, it works…

no problem, often this occur if the “record” buttom on the Timeline is activated