Character mesh not binding to bones correctly

So this issue may be sort of hard to explain, but I will do my best. So I’m making a character, specifically I started out with my pre-made base character. Basically, I took my pre-made character and created a shorter and fatter character for an NPC. The premade character has a set of bones bound to him, and as such I was hoping to be able to bind the new mesh with a properly scaled set of bones. However, when I CTRL+P and parent the mesh to the bones with automatic weights the character is deformed and kinda smooshed which you can see in my pics attached. Anyone have any ideas why this is happening?

  1. Here is the guy in object mode, notice how the mesh and the bones align just fine.

  2. With the bones selected in edit mode they are shifted and scaled to that of the dummy mesh.

  3. With the bones and mesh parented with automatic weights there is a problem, notice the feet being flattened as well as the entire mesh.

You may say just make a new set of bones but I wanted to be able to take any animation from any other character made with my base or dummy character and copy paste it to make my life easier. I appreciate the input.

Simple thing to ask - did you Apply the sales you did to the character and mesh BEFORE you reparented the mesh to the bones?

If not then you should:

Remove the Parent from the mesh’s object panel.
Delete the vertex groups from the Vertex panel.
Delete the Armature Modifier from the Modifiers panel.
Apply the Scale to both Mesh and Armature in Object Mode - Select both in Object Mode and Key CTRL+A => “Scale”
Reparent mesh to armature - select mesh, SHIFT select Armature, key CTRL+P => Automatic Weights"
Pose Armature in Pose Mode.

If this fails, post the blend file to then post the link to this file here and we will take a look.

Cheers, Clock.

PS. DON’T scale object in Object mode unless you are then going to Apply the scale - it screws up parenting, rigging and posing, as you have found out - do ALL scaling in Edit mode.

will try out right now, I will update you in an hour!

OK, so I couldn’t get any of that to work out. I tried posting it on your sight but all of my blender files are saved as the extension blend1, I understand this is for saving different itterations of a blender file but I cannot get it to have the extension of .blend, anyhow I’ll try some more to get it up.